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Due Diligence, Expert Witness & Training

Target Renewables provides bespoke business-to-business services related directly to our expertise and technical services.  This ensures that we have the highest level of competence based on knowledge, understanding and experience.

Expert Witness & Due Diligence Services: including validation : UK Register of Expert Witnesses  

Previous cases include:

  • Investor Due Dilingence for multiple anaerobic digestion and organic-waste processing projects : UK, USA, Netherlands, Middle East
  • Action against a very large compost producer in North America accused of environmental pollution and odour
  • Emissions from a facility in Ireland leading to a major accident and related technical investigation
  • Failure / underperformance of odour control systems
  • Pollution due to poor site management and process control
  • Use of organic materials for production of illegal substances
  • Patents and other Intellectual Property (IP) related to recovered mineral materials and their use
  • Export of recyclate from the UK to developing countries
  • Import to the UK of material for re-processing

Training Services includes one-to-one and group training options.  
Courses include:
  • Independently validated certificate courses delivered directly by us or by associates depening on your company needs.
                                   Waste awareness, waste inventories, resource recovery, regulationsand compliance 
  • An introduction to Anaerobic Digestion (tailored to company needs (non validated course))
  • Organic Waste Management and Use (tailored to company needs (non validated course))
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