Target Renewables Gallery: Art or Science?

Targeting Renewables is serious business but there should always be some time for a little fun.   This page shows a few images of sites and processes that relate to resources and energy, but from a different angle.    All images on this website are copyight although they may be used with citation of the originator but NOT for commercial gain including advertising and marketing by others.  You are welcome to email images to Target Renewables for inclusion on this page providing you are authorised to do so and they are similarly copyright free.  We will attribute accordingly (max. 24 characters). We retain the right not to include images.  Terms & Conditions apply (contact us for details).

Thinking about waste : what can I do with these old bike tyres?

An Impression of Food Waste 

The air that we breathe: 

by Van Cough

Compost by Turner

Biogas car of the future? Courtesy of Rinspeed: with permission.

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William Shakespeare wrote (presumably about anaerobic digestion and biogas): 

"And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe,
And then, from hour to hour, we rot and rot;
And thereby hangs a tale." As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7.

Dr. Robin Szmidt, founder of Target Renewables when asked to comment on Objets d'Art made of items found at a landfill said "It was rubbish, and it's still rubbish"

We look forward to seeing your work, rubbish or not, so long as it's done with energy and verve !